The Wizard of Oz — Young Performers’ Edition


This Young Performers’ Edition is a one-hour adaptation of THE WIZARD OF OZ, specially tailored for elementary and middle school-aged actors. The materials have been prepared to help your school or organization mount the best possible production and to give your young cast and crew an exciting and rewarding experience.

This classic tale, in which a Kansas farm girl travels over the rainbow to discover the magical power of home, has been entertaining audiences for generations.

Music samples provided courtesy of Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Photos 1 & 2 courtesy of Bristol Riverside Theatre in Bristol, PA
Photos 3 & 4 courtesy of Lakeland Hills Elementary School, Auburn, WA

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  • Dorothy Gale, a young girl living on a Kansas farm with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, dreams of escaping her mundane life (“Over The Rainbow). The family’s mean neighbor, Miss Gulch, threatens to impound Dorothy’s cherished dog, Toto, so Dorothy and Toto run away. They meet up with kindly Professor Marvel, who subtly convinces Dorothy to return home. Suddenly a cyclone hits, and Dorothy and Toto, seeking shelter in the house, are transported to the Land of Oz.

    In Oz, Dorothy meets Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. Apparently, Dorothy’s house has landed upon – and fatally stricken – the Wicked Witch of the East. The Munchkins, now freed from the Wicked Witch of the East, celebrate and hail Dorothy as their new heroine (“Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead/Munchkin Musical Sequence”). The celebration is interrupted as the Wicked Witch of the West suddenly appears, seeking vengeance. Unable to reclaim her sister’s shoes, which are now on Dorothy’s feet, the Witch vows to return and quickly vanishes. Dorothy, seeking a way back home to Kansas, sets off to see the Wizard of Oz (“Follow the Yellow Brick Road”).

    Along the way, Dorothy meets three new friends, each of whom lacks a crucial characteristic: The Scarecrow (“If I Only Had A Brain”) The Tinman (“If I Only Had A Heart”) and the Lion (“If I Only Had The Nerve”). Together, the four new companions make their way towards Oz (“We’re Off To See The Wizard”). The Witch attempts to sedate the travelers with a poisonous field of poppies, but Glinda reverses the spell with healing snowflakes (“Poppies/Optimistic Voices”).

    The travelers, arriving at the Emerald City, are delayed by a stubborn Gatekeeper, but Dorothy’s tears convince him to relent and let them in (“Merry Old Land Of Oz”). As the group awaits its audience with the Wizard, the Lion boasts he is “King Of The Forest.” Finally, they meet the imposing and irritable Wizard, who demands the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West.

    The four friends travel deep into the haunted forest. Suddenly, they encounter jitterbugs, who make them dance until they collapse from exhaustion (“Jitterbug”). The Wicked Witch’s flying monkeys swoop down, capturing Dorothy and Toto. At the castle, the Witch vows to take Dorothy’s life. Meanwhile, the Lion, Scarecrow, and Tinman infiltrate the castle disguised as Winkie guards. The foursome and Toto are reunited, but the Wicked Witch interferes, threatening the Scarecrow with fire. Dorothy, dousing the flames with a bucket of water, accidentally strikes the Witch, who smolders and melts into nothing (“Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead – Reprise”). The four friends, triumphant, take the Witch’s broom back to the Wizard.

    The Wizard remains imperious and imposing, but Toto pulls aside a curtain to reveal a meek and ordinary man speaking into a microphone. The Wizard, revealed to be a “humbug,” nonetheless grants each traveler’s request, giving the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Lion each a token of his newly-acquired ability. The Wizard offers to take Dorothy back to Kansas in his hot-air balloon, but the balloon accidentally takes off, and Dorothy is left alone and crestfallen. Glinda appears and explains that Dorothy has always had the power to return home. All she has to do is close her eyes, tap her heels together three times, and repeat to herself, “There’s no place like home.”

    Back in Kansas, Dorothy awakens, confused, with a bump on her head. Reunited with all her loved ones, and relieved to learn the storm has left Miss Gulch incapacitated by a broken leg, Dorothy shares the tale of her miraculous journey, celebrating the joy and healing power of home.


    By L. Frank Baum
    With Music and Lyrics
    by Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg
    Background Music by Herbert Stothart
    Dance and Vocal Arrangements by Peter Howard
    Orchestration by Larry Wilcox
    Adapted by John Kane for the Royal Shakespeare Company
    Based upon the Classic Motion Picture owned by
    Turner Entertainment Co. and distributed in all media by
    Warner Bros.
    Adaptation and support materials for the Young Performers’ Edition
    Developed by iTheatrics
    Under the supervision of Timothy Allen McDonald

    Except for the credits for John Kane, Peter Howard and Larry Wilcox, the above credits for all purposes shall be in type size equal to that of any other credits except for those of the star of the show. The credits for John Kane, Peter Howard and Larry Wilcox shall at all times be in a type size two thirds of the size of the credit afforded to the other authors of the play as set forth above. In the programs, the credits shall appear on the title page thereof. No name of any person or company except the Licensee, principal sponsors and/or the star(s) of the Licensee’s production shall appear above the title or above the foregoing credits to the authors. The name of Herbert Stothart must be included in the authors’ credits

    The title page of the program shall contain the following announcement in type size at least one-half the size of the authors’ credits:

    is presented by arrangement with
    560 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10022

  • THE WIZARD OF OZ Young Performers’ Edition is presented with the fully orchestrated Performance CD supplied with your rehearsal materials.

  • 1  Director’s Production Guide
    1  Piano-Vocal Score
    30 Young Performer’s Books
    1  Disc Set, consisting of:
    Sing-Along CD
    Performance CD
    Choreography DVD

    Optional Additional Materials

    1 Tams Rehearsal Aid

    Production Kit

    Young Performer’s Books, containing the complete script and all vocal material adapted to the musical range of developing voices.
    Sing-Along CD, to help your cast learn the songs.
    Performance CD, with orchestral accompaniment for your production.
    Choreography DVD, containing simple, effective dance steps and staging ideas for selected songs.
    Piano-Vocal Score, as an additional rehearsal tool.
    Production Guide, complete with background material, directorial pointers, details on incorporating the show’s production into the school curriculum and suggestions for involving your community at large.

  • Dorothy
    Aunt Em
    Uncle Henry
    Hickory (Tin Man)
    Zeke (Lion)
    Hunk (Scarecrow)
    Miss Gulch
    Professor Marvel
    Rowboat Man #1
    Rowboat Man #2
    Toto (Dog)
    Munchkin #1
    Munchkin #2
    Munchkin #3
    City Father #1
    City Father #2
    Three Tots
    Wicked Witch
    Apple Tree #1
    Apple Tree #2
    Apple Tree #3
    Tin Man
    Emerald City Chorus
    Oz Woman
    Oz’s Voice
    Nikko, leader of the winged monkeys
    Winkie Guards
    Oz People

  • A special adaptation of the classic musical, Wizard of Oz, designed specifically for presentation by elementary and middle school students.

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    Summit Trail Middle School RAVENSDALE, WA 04/20/2018 04/28/2018
    Central Middle School HARTFORD, WI 04/20/2018 04/28/2018
    Sheep Musical Theatre NORTH CHARLESTON, SC 04/23/2018 04/25/2018
    St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School TORONTO, ON 04/24/2018 04/28/2018
    Matthews Middle School ISLAND LAKE, IL 04/24/2018 04/29/2018
    Jasper County Middle School MONTICELLO, GA 04/24/2018 04/24/2018
    Lititz Elementary School LITITZ, PA 04/25/2018 04/27/2018
    St. Martin of Tours Elementary School PHILADELPHIA, PA 04/25/2018 04/26/2018
    Millstone Township Elementary School MILLSTONE, NJ 04/26/2018 04/27/2018
    Mary Schadd Public School SCARBOROUGH, ON 04/26/2018 04/26/2018
    Mount Pleasant Middle School LIVINGSTON, NJ 04/26/2018 04/27/2018
    Atherton Elementary School ARLINGTON, TX 04/26/2018 04/27/2018
    Elm Place Middle School HIGHLAND PARK, IL 04/26/2018 04/27/2018
    Regina Academy at St. John the Baptist OTTSVILLE, PA 04/26/2018 04/26/2018
    Timbercrest Middle School WOODINVILLE, WA 04/26/2018 05/05/2018
    Frankland Community Elementary School TORONTO, ON 04/26/2018 04/27/2018
    Heights Christian Elementary School LA HABRA HEIGHTS, CA 04/26/2018 04/29/2018
    Roselle Middle School ROSELLE, IL 04/27/2018 04/28/2018
    Westmoore Elementary School SEAGROVE, NC 04/27/2018 04/29/2018
    Kids Acting Out West NEWBURY PARK, CA 04/27/2018 04/28/2018
    Due West Children's Theatre MARIETTA, GA 04/27/2018 04/29/2018
    St. Ann School STOUGHTON, WI 04/27/2018 04/28/2018
    Sts. Peter & Paul School NAPERVILLE, IL 04/27/2018 04/28/2018
    Palos Heights Parks and Recreation PALOS HEIGHTS, IL 04/27/2018 04/28/2018
    Immaculate Heart of Mary School BURLINGTON, KY 04/27/2018 04/29/2018
    Holy Family School ROCKLAND, MA 04/27/2018 04/28/2018
    Frontier Middle School HAMBURG, NY 04/27/2018 04/28/2018
    Trinity Episcopal School CHARLOTTE, NC 04/27/2018 04/28/2018
    Regina Coeli Academy ABINGTON, PA 04/27/2018 04/27/2018
    Huntingtown Elementary School HUNTINGTOWN, MD 04/27/2018 04/29/2018
    Mary Martin Elementary School WEATHERFORD, TX 04/27/2018 04/28/2018
    Memorial Middle School CEDAR GROVE, NJ 04/27/2018 04/28/2018
    Chenal Elementary School LITTLE ROCK, AR 04/27/2018 04/27/2018
    KJK Productions, Inc. JEFFERSON VALLEY, NY 04/28/2018 04/28/2018
    Salem County Christian Academy PENNSVILLE, NJ 04/28/2018 04/28/2018
    Ave Maria Academy MAPLE GROVE, MN 04/28/2018 04/28/2018
    Muse Center for the Arts FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 04/29/2018 04/29/2018
    Lord Roberts Public School LONDON, ON 05/01/2018 05/05/2018
    Berea Community Elementary School BEREA, KY 05/02/2018 05/05/2018
    Monsignor Morrison Elementary School ST. THOMAS, ON 05/02/2018 05/04/2018
    Beacon Christian School ST. CATHARINES, ON 05/02/2018 05/04/2018
    Crespo Elementary School HOUSTON, TX 05/03/2018 05/04/2018
    St. Mary Magdalen School EVERETT, WA 05/03/2018 05/05/2018
    Woodlawn High School BALTIMORE, MD 05/03/2018 05/04/2018
    Center Stage Theater TUSTIN, CA 05/03/2018 05/04/2018
    Our Lady Of Fatima School SAN CLEMENTE, CA 05/03/2018 05/03/2018
    Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School LAKE CHARLES, LA 05/03/2018 05/04/2018
    Founder's Hall Middle School MCKEESPORT, PA 05/03/2018 05/05/2018
    St. Austin School ST. LOUIS, MO 05/03/2018 05/04/2018
    Christ the King Catholic Elementary MADISONVILLE, KY 05/03/2018 05/03/2018
    Bay Haven School of Basic Plus SARASOTA, FL 05/03/2018 05/04/2018
    SS Colman - John Neumann School BRYN MAWR, PA 05/04/2018 05/06/2018
    Westminster West Middle School WESTMINSTER, MD 05/04/2018 05/05/2018
    East Memorial Christian Academy PRATTVILLE, AL 05/04/2018 05/05/2018
    Forest Ranch Charter School FOREST RANCH, CA 05/04/2018 05/05/2018
    Liberty Common High School FORT COLLINS, CO 05/04/2018 05/05/2018
    Tampa Bay Performing Arts Academy PALM HARBOR, FL 05/04/2018 05/05/2018
    St. Anne's Elementary School PORTERVILLE, CA 05/04/2018 05/12/2018
    Southwestern Middle School DELAND, FL 05/04/2018 05/06/2018
    Miami Conservatory of Music MIAMI, FL 05/05/2018 05/06/2018
    Sweetser Elementary School SWEETSER, IN 05/08/2018 05/08/2018
    Rimersburg Elementary School RIMERSBURG, PA 05/08/2018 05/08/2018
    Gulf Elementary School CAPE CORAL, FL 05/08/2018 05/11/2018
    Emerson Elementary School EMERSON, AR 05/08/2018 05/10/2018
    Matthews Hall LONDON, ON 05/09/2018 05/11/2018
    Rockingham School HALIFAX, NS 05/09/2018 05/10/2018
    Academy at St. Mary Elementary School RUTHERFORD, NJ 05/09/2018 05/12/2018
    Cornerstone Academy WESTERVILLE, OH 05/09/2018 05/11/2018
    Rocklin Academy Gateway School ROCKLIN, CA 05/09/2018 05/11/2018
    Immaculata School DURHAM, NC 05/09/2018 05/11/2018
    Academy of the Holy Names TAMPA, FL 05/10/2018 05/11/2018
    Iron Horse Middle School SAN RAMON, CA 05/10/2018 05/12/2018
    Hillside Middle School MISSISSAUGA, ON 05/10/2018 05/11/2018
    Leal Elementary School CERRITOS, CA 05/10/2018 05/13/2018
    Great Valley Middle School MODESTO, CA 05/10/2018 05/10/2018
    Desert Heights Prep Academy GLENDALE, AZ 05/10/2018 05/11/2018
    Mary Queen of Peace Elementary School WEBSTER GROVES, MO 05/10/2018 05/11/2018
    Carroll Jr.-Sr.High School FLORA, IN 05/11/2018 05/13/2018
    Grafton Middle School GRAFTON, MA 05/11/2018 05/12/2018
    Yorkville School UNION GROVE, WI 05/11/2018 05/12/2018
    Weatherford Middle School WEATHERFORD, OK 05/11/2018 05/11/2018
    Crossroads Christian Schools CORONA, CA 05/11/2018 05/12/2018
    St. Joseph Catholic School COTTLEVILLE, MO 05/11/2018 05/11/2018
    Gloucester County Christian School SEWELL, NJ 05/11/2018 05/12/2018
    Donegan Elementary School BETHLEHEM, PA 05/11/2018 05/11/2018
    Showstoppers Academy MAPLE RIDGE, BC 05/11/2018 05/12/2018
    Colvin Run Elementary School VIENNA, VA 05/11/2018 05/12/2018
    Duncan MacMillian High School SHEET HARBOUR, NS 05/11/2018 05/12/2018
    The Sand Hill Elementary School PALO ALTO, CA 05/11/2018 05/12/2018
    Ely Middle School ELY, MN 05/11/2018 05/13/2018
    Holy Child School at Rosemont BRYN MAWR, PA 05/11/2018 05/12/2018
    Central Senior School LINDSAY, ON 05/11/2018 05/11/2018
    West Geauga Middle School CHESTERLAND, OH 05/12/2018 05/13/2018
    Saluda Elementary School SALUDA, SC 05/15/2018 05/15/2018
    Prince of Wales School HAMILTON, ON 05/15/2018 05/16/2018
    Holy Cross School DEERFIELD, IL 05/16/2018 05/17/2018
    Quincy Catholic Academy QUINCY, MA 05/17/2018 05/17/2018
    Old Greenwich Elementary School OLD GREENWICH, CT 05/17/2018 05/18/2018
    Waterleaf Elementary School JACKSONVILLE, FL 05/17/2018 05/18/2018
    Raleigh Hills Middle School PORTLAND, OR 05/17/2018 05/19/2018
    Potential Christian Academy School COOPER CITY, FL 05/17/2018 05/17/2018
    Mendocino K8 Middle School MENDOCINO, CA 05/17/2018 05/20/2018
    St. Alphonsus Liguori Middle School PROSPECT HEIGHTS, IL 05/18/2018 05/20/2018
    Masconomet Regional Jr. High School TOPSFIELD, MA 05/18/2018 05/19/2018
    St. Michael's Youth Players EAST LONGMEADOW, MA 05/18/2018 05/20/2018
    St. Andrew's School BOCA RATON, FL 05/18/2018 05/20/2018
    Bay Montessori Elementary School LEXINGTON PARK, MD 05/18/2018 05/18/2018
    Brookside Elementary School PTA LAKE FOREST PARK, WA 05/18/2018 05/19/2018
    Collective Art School of Tennessee MT. JULIET, TN 05/18/2018 05/19/2018
    Chapman Middle School WEYMOUTH, MA 05/18/2018 05/19/2018
    Keystone State Music Theater CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, PA 05/19/2018 05/20/2018
    St. Catherine of Alexandria School OAK LAWN, IL 05/19/2018 05/20/2018
    Central High School MILTON, FL 05/19/2018 05/19/2018
    Allen Elementary FRISCO, TX 05/22/2018 05/22/2018
    Lebanon Borough Elementary School LEBANON, NJ 05/22/2018 05/31/2018
    Kemptown Elementary School KEMPTOWN, MD 05/23/2018 05/24/2018
    Norwood Elementary School NORWOOD, PA 05/23/2018 05/23/2018
    St. Brendan Middle School LOS ANGELES, CA 05/23/2018 05/23/2018
    St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School CORAL GABLES, FL 05/24/2018 05/24/2018
    Our Lady of Victory Middle School STATE COLLEGE, PA 05/24/2018 05/25/2018
    Roland Reynolds Elementary School FRANKLIN, TX 05/24/2018 05/25/2018
    Tuckahoe Common Middle School SOUTHAMPTON, NY 05/28/2018 05/28/2018
    Heath School CHESTNUT HILL, MA 05/28/2018 06/08/2018
    Our Lady of Good Counsel Middle School VIENNA, VA 05/29/2018 05/30/2018
    Brock Corydon Elementary School WINNIPEG, MB 05/30/2018 05/31/2018
    Bellows Spring Elementary School P.T.A. ELLICOT, MD 05/30/2018 06/01/2018
    Penn Bernville Elementary School BERNVILLE, PA 05/31/2018 05/31/2018
    Cicely L Tyson Elementary School EAST ORANGE, NJ 05/31/2018 05/31/2018
    Brookside Elementary School NORWALK, CT 06/01/2018 06/03/2018
    Elefante Music & School for the NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ 06/02/2018 06/03/2018
    Centre Stage Theatre School BURLINGTON, ON 06/03/2018 06/04/2018
    The Caedmon School NEW YORK, NY 06/05/2018 06/06/2018
    Minnie Marrs Jamieson Elementary School CHICAGO, IL 06/05/2018 06/05/2018
    Westchester Hills School 29 YONKERS, NY 06/07/2018 06/07/2018
    Heatly School Drama Club GREEN ISLAND, NY 06/08/2018 06/09/2018
    Victor Mravlag School No 21 ELIZABETH, NJ 06/08/2018 06/08/2018
    Hawthorne II Bilingual Alternative TORONTO, ON 06/08/2018 06/10/2018
    Starlight Community Theatre PHOENIX, AZ 06/16/2018 06/16/2018
    Wellington Hall Academy GUELPH, ON 06/19/2018 06/19/2018
    Ecole Monseigneur-de-Laval HAMILTON, ON 06/21/2018 06/22/2018
    Montgomery County Arts Council WINONA, MS 06/21/2018 06/23/2018
    Lyric Theatre/Thelma Gaylord Academy OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 06/30/2018 06/30/2018
    Immaculata High School SOMERVILLE, NJ 07/13/2018 07/13/2018
    Oceanside Theatre Company Youth Academy IDYLLWILD, CA 07/13/2018 07/15/2018
    Stepping Stone Theatre SAINT PAUL, MN 07/13/2018 07/28/2018
    Children's Dance Theater & Prestige AUBURN, WA 07/20/2018 07/22/2018
    Studio 1 BURLINGTON, NC 07/20/2018 07/22/2018
    Neshaminy High School LANGHORNE, PA 07/26/2018 07/28/2018
    STEPS Performing Arts Center LINDENHURST, IL 07/26/2018 07/29/2018
    The Candlelight Theatre ARDENTOWN, DE 07/27/2018 07/28/2018
    Maltz Jupiter Theatre, Inc. JUPITER, FL 07/27/2018 07/28/2018
    Flagler Playhouse BUNNELL, FL 07/27/2018 07/29/2018
    Pittsburgh CLO Academy PITTSBURGH, PA 07/27/2018 07/27/2018
    Century Fine Arts SUGAR LAND, TX 07/29/2018 07/29/2018
    Barry and Florence Friedberg JCC OCEANSIDE, NY 07/31/2018 08/02/2018
    Live Arts, Inc. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA 08/03/2018 08/04/2018
    Heritage Players PITTSBURGH, PA 08/03/2018 08/12/2018
    Ohnward Fine Arts Center MAQUOKETA, IA 08/11/2018 08/12/2018
    Creative and Perf Arts Academy of Nepa SCRANTON, PA 08/17/2018 08/18/2018
    A.D. Players Theater Arts Academy HOUSTON, TX 08/17/2018 08/19/2018
    Plaza Theatrical Productions, Inc. LYNBROOK, NY 08/19/2018 08/19/2018
    Music Training Center CONSHOHOCKEN, PA 08/24/2018 08/24/2018
    Music Training Center Marlton MARLTON, NJ 08/24/2018 08/24/2018
    Plano Children's Theatre PLANO, TX 09/13/2018 09/23/2018
    Hockaday School DALLAS, TX 10/24/2018 10/26/2018
    Santa Fe Christian School SOLANA BEACH, CA 11/09/2018 11/11/2018
    Gettysburg Community Theatre GETTYSBURG, PA 11/16/2018 11/18/2018
    Hudson Middle School HUDSON, OH 11/30/2018 12/01/2018
    Dare to Defy Productions, LLC CENTERVILLE, OH 03/08/2019 03/09/2019